What are the limitations of the Trial tenant and Trial period?

With the trial tenant you can easily figure out it if 360inControl will suit your needs.
Only some restrictions are given:
– no upload functionality for attachments
– no data backup performed
– only 40 controls out of the 360inControl library published

If the trial period is too short, we offer an additional grace period, please contact us.
If you decide for a price plan, your Tenant specific set-up and data is kept.

The trial option and the trial functionality are provided up on discretion of the service provider. The trial set up can be changed at any time without pre-announcement.

Is it possible to upgrade at later stage to the version with 360inControl® controls included?

Yes! Our price-plan provides you with maximal flexibility. You can adjust your price plan at any time, based on your needs.

Clients purchasing a price plan including the control library will not be able to downgrade to a price plan without controls.

Does each user occupy an account in my Tenant, regardless of the role?

Yes, every individual added to your Tenant counts regardless of its role.

The system does not allow to invite additional user per e-mail. What can I do?

Your price plan consists of a defined amount of users. Information about the usage can be found on the 360inControl dashboard. Every Tenant administrator has direct access to this important information.
First we recommend to review your user list on regular basis to ensure that only required users are listed.
Secondly you can upgrade to the next higher price plan.

The system shows a message, that there is not enough storage place available. What does this mean?

Your price plan consists of a defined storage space. Information about the storage used are shown on the 360inControl dashboard. Every Tenant administrator has direct access to this important information.
Additional storage space can be purchased at any time. Furthermore, the administrator can deactivate the file upload functionality.

Is the price plan automatically renewed?

No! If the price plan is due for renewal, the price plan will not be renewed automatically. An e-mail is sent out to the administrators with the notice to renew price plan. If the price plan is not renewed, a grace period is automatically initiated.
The grace period is a voluntary service provided by CISS. You will be informed of the
period of grace and that if the price plan is not renewed, access to 360inControl will be blocked.
From this point on, CISS can delete all accesses and data of the Licensee without prior warning.

If I’m no longer using 360inControl®, can I get a refund for the remaining time?

We do not refund for purchased price plans. Please make extensive use of the system to be sure that it suits your needs. If the trial period is too short prolongation can be requested once.

What happens if trial period is over, but I haven’t had enough time to analyze the system?

Please contact us with reason why the trial period should be prolongated. A prolongation can only be requested once.

Is it possible to adjust the price plan during runtime?

Yes, you can select a new plan at any time. The difference will be charged until end of the original price plan period.