I only see approximately 35-40 controls in 360inControl®.

In this case, you are still running in trial mode or you have chosen the price plan without controls. As a standard, we visualize 40 controls out of our control library to provide you with some information how the 360inControls are set-up.

Is there a strategy for enhancing the 360inControl® Controls & Standards?

Yes. Please have a look at our Roadmap.

To which standards are the 360inControl® ‘Controls’ mapped?

The CISS control library includes controls and mappings to the standards included in the price plan, e.g. ISO27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27005, COBIT5, GDPR, PCI etc.

What happens if 360inControl® controls are changed/updated?

If 360inControl® controls are changed or updated, you will receive a note in the control.
In case you have made copies of original 360inControl® controls (cloned controls) a warning sign is displayed and you can decide to update your Tenant control . This mechanism ensures, that the content of cloned controls is not automatically updated.

What is the 360inControl® Control library?

The 360inControl® control library contains unique controls covering requirements of different international standards e.g. ISO 27xxx series, etc.

Same requirements resulting from different standards are mapped to one control. The benefit of such a concept is to avoid control redundancies.

Is it possible to use our company specific framework within 360inControl®?

Yes. There are different options to integrate your company specific framework.

Option 1: Enter your own controls one by one including mapping to assets and standards.

Option 2: Bulk upload – 360inControl® provides a data structure for uploading controls, which is available at (link to data structure). With the upload function your company controls can be easily added to 360inControl®. After the upload, the assignment to assets and standards can be done.)

What does cloned control mean?

Cloned control means, that a copy of a control from the 360inControl library was created. This control is now added to your Tenant control library.

Can I create and manage my own controls within 360inControl®?

You can always create and manage your own control library, using 360inControl® tool only or 360inControl® with the control library.

Is it possible to modify controls in the 360inControl® library?

In the 360inControl® library you can generate a copy of the control which can be further modified. This control is now transferred to your Tenant specific control library and marked as a cloned control.

The system will notify you if a new version of the original control (360inControl® library) is available. This allows you to decide if you would like to use the latest version of the original control

What is the advantage to choose 360inControl® with control library included?

You profit from a managed control library already mapped to many international standards. The controls in the library provide you with the unique opportunity to cover multiple standards with just one control.