As a customer or future customer you have a justified interest in the transparent further development of 360inControl®. Transparency is not only the strength of our solution, but also our promise.

Your customer vote counts and we are happy to receive your feedback. Our solution has been developed from the practice for the practice, therefore the voice of the customer has a substantial influence on our advancement. Feedback is collected, analysed and prioritised.

360inControl® has an integrated request form so that the Tenant Administrator can enter or forward the feedback directly.

We have divided the development into five areas. Our respective plans can be found on this page.

Other sources for further development

Another important reference point for the further development of 360inControl® are the evaluations and opinions of analysts.

Through regular contacts and a detailed analysis of the reports we receive useful requirements which are incorporated in our planning.

We adapt the plans continuously. For specific questions, please contact us.