The Inventory – The Enterprise Information Portfolio

Risk Matrix

Know what you have, where it is and how valuable it is.

Are you convinced to have quick access to all your information, research results, intellectual knowledge, processes etc. and do you know what information is the most valuable and/or critical for your business?

In case information is not properly protected, published too early or too late or not processed in accordance with regulatory requirements, it can have a major impact on your company and your business.

Hence, information is a company’s most valuable asset, even more important than business processes. Business processes can be restored with information. If the information is no longer available, it is not possible to restore the business processes.

Therefore, it is key that you know

  • what information you need in your daily operations
  • your most valuable information
  • what information needs most protection
  • what information is the first to need to be recovered in the event of an incident

With the newly integrated Inventory in 360inControl® you can immediately start capturing and evaluating your information. All information is registered centrally and assigned to an owner. Owners evaluate availability, integrity, confidentiality, regulatory relevance etc., so the organization can ensure that protection resources are used in a targeted and meaningful manner. At the same time, legal requirements (e.g. GDPR Art. 30) can be met.

The following attributes can be specified and evaluated for each information entry.

  1. General Information
  • Information name
  • Comments & details
  • Owner & deputy
  1. Applicability of Information
  • Storage location(s)
  • Transfer-to/usage-in location(s)
  • Number of impacted users
  • Retention period & comments
  1. Classification of Information
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  1. Compliance Relevance
  • Data Privacy relevance
  • Regulatory relevance (multiple, e.g. FDA, SOX, BASEL 3 etc.)

The Inventory module is set up in the same way as the existing modules. A detailed view for each information is available including:

  • Action items
  • Audits / Assessments
  • Risks from Risk Assessments / Risk Inventory

The Inventory is key

  • to identify and manage your crown jewels
  • to best support your business processes
  • to avoid blind spots
  • to use resources efficiently
  • to fulfill regulatory requirements

An export functionality is available for further processing of information.

Easy configuration of attributes

The company set-up is done by the Tenant Administrator. He configures the labels and associated values, as well as the organizational roles.

Availability configuration

Connect to your other tools

Changes logged by the Audit Trail