Engaging GRC to the Front-Office, and Not Just Back-Office Functions

CISS – guest blog post from Michael Rasmussen GRC2020 on Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) is as much or more the responsibility of the front-office as it is the back-office.

Why do GRC / ISMS implementations fail?

We have compiled a list of things that will help make your GRC / ISMS implementation project successful.

Full Loss Risk Management

What is “Full Loss Risk Management”? What if a data center, production plant, office building is no longer there the next day or cannot be entered due to a pandemic? The full loss case has occurred. If you take measures to cope such a drastic case, then you are well prepared for most of the smaller events.

No need to fear transparency

Everyone claims that more transparency is a key factor for the organization of the future. After all, that is what corporate governance is all about.

Kontrollfunktion war gestern – Die Rolle des Aufsichtsrats im Wandel

Die Loomion AG – Partner der CISS GmbH – vereint die Mission Aufsichtsräte / Verwaltungsräte bei ihren Aufgaben und Herausforderungen zu unterstützen. Spannendes praxisbezogenes Seminar mit tiefen Einblicken in die anspruchsvolle Arbeitswelt eines Aufsichtsrates/Verwaltungsrates. Unter dem Siegel der Deutsche Börse AG „Qualifizierter Aufsichtsrat“.

Das Interne Kontrollsystem im Digitalen Zeitalter

Wenn Sie schon ein IKS haben müssen, warum dann nicht eines, dass die Geschäft-Strategie unterstützt?

NOW AVAILABLE – Digital Age – How to approach Cyber Security

Digital Age – How to approach Cyber Security

A risk-based approach to information security considering the human factor

Information about cybersecurity and security breaches can be overwhelming these days.

If you want to take a step back and adjust your current approach of protecting information or you want to start taking information security and risk management serious without focusing on technical solutions in the first place, this book is for you.

Human behavior and human influence on cybersecurity and information risk management is the core content.

Autor: Andreas von Grebmer, 244 pages, EUR 24.90, ISBN-13: ISBN 978-3744871464