The digital change – a challenge and an opportunity for Corporate Governance

Digital change is closely linked to your company’s reputation. Information security, increased regulatory requirements and cultural (organizational) changes are topics that are becoming increasingly important.

Existing challenges and influencing factors for your business and Corporate Governance will not decrease with digitalization. However, digitization is key to providing you with the transparency you need to make timely decisions based on accurate information.

The business environment is becoming increasingly complex, the number of stakeholders and their expectations are rising. The requirements of the legislator (e.g. GDPR) or of customers who require proof that certain guidelines, such as for information security or ISOxxxxx, are adhered to, are increasing.

Stakeholder Overview

Corporate Governance – New strategic orientation

It is essential that digital transformation is led by one of the Board Members and regularly discussed with all members.

The digitalization of processes (end-to-end) and information is key. Cultural change is a prerequisite and has to be initiated along with the digitalization program. The benefits of digitization can only be achieved if it is accompanied by a program that guides employees on their way. Acceptance at all levels is required.

The speed with which information is processed today and decisions have to be made is getting faster and faster. It is becoming more and more important to have correct data and information quickly available in order to make the right decisions. Risk functions must provide forward-looking and timely information. It is no longer enough to rely on power point or excel sheets.

As a member of the Board of Directors, you define the organizational structure and processes (procedures) of the company. For this reason, the topics of digitization, information security and regulatory requirements are located at your level.


Next steps

The need for digital solutions to manage and centralize information and digitize processes is a central topic.

Flexible control implementation and adherence to standards and regulations will sustainably increase the maturity of your organization and reducing costs.

The use of real-time dashboards and direct access to information helps you to respond to risks in real time and gain a competitive advantage.

360inControl® supports you in all these matters:

  1. Swiftly digitalize and address Governance, Risk, Compliance (e.g. Data Privacy, Information Security) and Security requirements and information in a sustainable manner.
  2. Increase sustainability, transparency and flexibility while saving time and money.
  3. Minimization of tools with the use of 360inControl®
  4. Instant Dashboard and Reporting

Based on your demand, we can offer you consultancy in the following areas:

  • Implementation of Internal Control Management
  • Process digitalization
  • Set-up information security related training programs
  • Independent assessment e.g. Initial security assessments, vendor assessments, certification preparation
  • On-boarding to 360inControl®