27. March 2020

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our business partnership with Boardish today.

Boardish supports CISOs in the assessment of vulnerabilities and the financial evaluation of measures to remedy vulnerabilities.

Boardish enables CISOs to speak the language of the board, “Boardish”. Weaknesses are evaluated with their financial damage potential and compared to the financial effort for the elimination of the weakness.

Various parameters such as loss of sales are graphically displayed in a dashboard. This makes it easier for the CISO to explain and justify its budget requests.

The results of the risk analyses carried out in 360inControl® can be quickly transferred to Boardish. This means that the weak points and their evaluation is based on a well-founded and comprehensible process.

Boardish and 360inControl® strive for a sustainable, continuously improving design of the cybersecurity process of an organization. Design, Test, Improve, Automate.

And what does Boardish have to say …

We have been approached by many companies, mostly from the automatic vulnerability assessment sectors and several companies which provide IT tools to manage the entire cybersecurity process.

We decided to start with CISS – Comprehensive Information Security Switzerland because they were, by far! the most complete product for cyber professionals that we have seen so far and we wanted to make sure we only work with the best.

Both Boardish and CISS 360inControl® are Methodology first and then a technological solution to work on top of the robust methodology, AKA – Think first, Design First, and then built a tool to use it.

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