The information centric approach of 360inControl®

CISO Briefing

WEBEX Briefing for CISOs

360inControl® is the Internal Control Solution of the future. In the digitalization age it defines an information centric approach.

A multitude of topics such as data protection, cybersecurity, financial controls, business continuity, sustainability and many more can be managed in a central solution. Dedicated island solutions are thus superfluous. Communication and collaboration, a central success factor for integrated risk management, are facilitated.

In 30 minutes you will learn

  • Why a change in Governance, Risk and Compliance management is essential now
  • What are the key success factors needed for such a change
  • The unique selling proposition of 360inControl®
  • A first impression of 360inControl®

The session is kept open, if you stay longer, we stay longer too to answer your questions.

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