360inControl® – Example Report ISO9001:2015

The integrated ‘Control Library’ of 360inControl®, covers the requirements of international legislations and standards such as ISO27001, ISO27002, COBIT, GDPR, PCI and others and makes it possible to start immediately.

Nevertheless, it may happen that you want to use a different standard*) which is not yet integrated. In such a case, you can contact your Service Partner directly and we will carry out the integration timely.

A Customers Report

One of our customers has recently re-certified ISO9001:2015 (Quality Management System/QMS) using 360inControl®. We integrated the standard in its Tenant and the customer was able to start all relevant activities promptly.

The customer was extremely satisfied on how efficiently all relevant activities could be prepared and finally performed. The company shared the attached report, to allow other interested parties get a flavor of how the end-result ‘the audit report’ looks like (the report is anonymized).

*) For all copyright protected material (e.g. ISO9001:2015) it is necessary that you have your own license.

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