What is 360inControl®?

360inControl® is a new generation of an internal control system (ICS), comprising governance risk & compliance (GRC), information security management (ISMS) and audit & assessment management.

Beyond compliance and operations, it provides information and hence business centric Integrated Risk Management (IRM) functionality.

Your smart internal control solution comprises

One Stop Shop Solution


Audit and Assessment

Remediation Management

Managed Control Library

Unique controls mapped to e.g. ISO 27x series, COBIT, ITIL, PCI, Cobit, GDPR, SANS CSC

Maturity Classification

Per control, determine detail level and assign maturity levels

Your smart internal control solution provides


Integration of company controls and frameworks, legislation and standards

Mapping of company structure


Across organizations and functions, with increased transparency

Supported by realtime dashboard

Managed SaaS Service

Secure and protected

Scalable and reliable

Ready to use, straight away

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The right equipment to make you feel good

Managed Control Library

The managed and comprehensive control library was developed from practice for practice. The controls cover the requirements of international standards and regulations.

In addition, well elaborated recommendations and reasons are given per control. Company-specific controls can be easily added and maintained.

Inventory of Information

In the digital age, Information is the most valuable asset for companies. The inventory is essential to collect all relevant information such as production processes, customer or patient data, strategies, board minutes, etc.

The classification of information according to availability, confidentiality, integrity, data protection and legal relevance helps to distinguish key information from less relevant information.

The knowledge of your information and its value is necessary to define the right protection mechanisms and their implementation.

The GDPR Art. 30 requirements for an inventory are covered. Audit trail included.

Audit & Assessment Preparation

 Audit and assessment preparation made easy. In connection with the control library, a wide variety of audits and assessments can be planned within a very short time.

Whether one-off or recurring planning, templates can be created and maintained easily. Versioning included.

Audit & Assessment Execution

Audits and assessments can also be carried out directly. The selection of existing controls from the control library and the addition of own controls allows the greatest possible flexibility in carrying out audits and assessments.
Individual controls or control areas can be assigned directly to team members as work packages for execution.
Review comments and management summary can be included.
The report is generated at the click of a button. Adjustments possible.

Remediation Management

Remediation and action points under control. Action items can be assigned directly. This ensures that nothing is forgotten. Status of the action items is listed in the dashboard of the persons responsible.

Transparency and control are guaranteed. Each action item can be traced back to its origin.


The company structure is easily adaptable. Master data can be adapted as required. 

Configurable user management including role management available.

Continuous improvement

By implementing controls in the business processes, the maturity of the company is significantly increased. Customer-specific requirements can be better met and the business result improved.

Risks are identified at an early stage and measures defined. Don’t avoid risks, manage risks by turning risks into opportunities.

Benefits for all user groups


  • Centralization of cyber security, governance, risk and compliance

  • Cost savings by improving business processes, reducing redundant systems and excel sheets

  • Collaboration is optimized across organizations

  • Simplification by applying the same methods, standards and application

Consulting Firm

  • Planning and execution of Audits and assessments

  • Cyber Security

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Supplier Assessments

  • Business process optimization

  • Access to a comprehensive control library

  • Fast reaction to changing requirements


  • Overview of all activities including current status

  • Continuous improvement made visible

  • Transparency in all areas of responsibility

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of controls

  • Active Risk Management

  • Reporting to next level Management made easy

  • Measurability and effectiveness of controls supports planning

  • Identification of areas for  budgeting and investing based on facts


  • Efficient creation and exhibition of audits and assessments

  • Easy preparation for official audits

  • Active management of action items and remedation

  • Faciliating cooperation across organizations

  • Gain experience in different areas by applying the controls

  • Do not reinvent the wheel – control ibrary provides basis for own controls

  • Improvement made visible